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Using the Latest Technology to Manufacture Machine Parts

High-Tech Machine Mfg., Inc. specializes in manufacturing machine parts and assemblies for customers in Richmond, Virginia, and nationwide with state-of-the-art machinery that no other machine shop in Central Virginia has. Our combination of accurate parts, on-time delivery, and competitive pricing means that your bottom line will see the results.

Accurate Parts

Our four Tsugami 32MM Swiss-style CNC Screw Machines feature 8 axis, with as many as 9 live tools. This means we can hold tolerances as close as .0002 inches on complex machine parts. Inspection reports are performed on every long run we do to ensure accuracy.

On-Time Delivery

We can machine your parts up to a year, or longer, in advance to meet your deadlines. We'll even send you releases on a regular basis, whether it's monthly or however you want them.

Competitive Pricing

We use the latest technology to produce our machine parts. As a result, we can offer you the best prices on all runs. When we do your contract manufacturing for 12 months or longer, you'll save even more.

Featured High-Tech Equipment

Our two Okuma™ CNC lathes are the backbone of the company, but what sets us apart are our four Tsugumi™ Swiss Turn CNC lathes. The Tsugami™ NP-32 and Tsugami™ BS-32 were purchased to give High-Tech Machine Mfg., Inc. a distinct competitive advantage in the Virginia market. Our company has never hired a salesman because our reputation for quality parts and meeting deadlines is strong enough to win contracts on its own.

When it comes to turning small round parts, Swiss turn lathes are known for their superior speed and accuracy. Swiss, or sliding headstock lathes, are bar-fed automatics which uses single point tooling to profile the work piece. The turning tool moves perpendicular to the work and has no longitudinal movement. Longitudinal travel is carried out by the headstock which grips the bar in a collect and feeds it through a guide, bushing into the turning tool

High Tech Equipment

Train in the Railway
Mechanical Gears
Jets in Formation
Astronaut in Space

With the most modern machine shop in Central Virginia, most of our machinery is computer controlled. We have the ability to bar feed materials from 3/8 to 3 1/2 inches by twelve feet in length and spin material up to 12 feet long. Our company has stock and release programs. We can machine a year's supply of parts and release them on time. With our dedicated manufacturing services, you'll save money on setup costs. Some of the industries we serve include:

• Aerospace
• Automobile Parts Supplier
• Electrical Supply
• Tobacco Machinery
• Heating and Cooling
• Bowling Industry
• Training
• Job Shop Machine Work
• Bakery Industries
• Contract Manufacturing
• Assembly Work